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I started my Evolving Health blog originally as a way to help me retain some of the information from my graduate studies in nutrition science while honing my skills as a science and health writer. The blog then developed into a useful way to capture and report on interesting information I was learning at a variety of science lectures, conferences, and symposiums.

Over the years, I’ve found that, along with Twitter, blogging opened many opportunities for me as a writer and has helped me to forge a lot of new friendships with others interested in promoting an evidence-based approach to a healthy diet and lifestyle. I was also delighted when this blog was chosen as the official blog reporting on the American Society for Nutrition annual meeting at Experimental Biology for three consecutive years (2012-2014). It was also selected by Healthline as one of the “Best Blogs” of the year in the obesity category in 2012 and 2013. Plus, two of my posts (here and here) have been featured on Barbara King’s “13.7 cosmos & culture” on NPR.

Now, I use this blog to continue exercising that science and health writing “muscle” on a regular basis. I always appreciate any feedback from like-minded peers. I hope you’ll follow it along as I continue to explore new topics, new conferences, and new information related to food, nutrition, and exercise science on Evolving Health.

Other Writings

My work has also appeared in a variety of publications including Scientific American, Outside Online, Food Technology magazine, Clinical Geriatrics, and the Desert Rivers Audubon Society newsletter.


I’m an active member of the National Association of Science Writers, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Society for Nutrition, the Institute of Food Technologists, and the American Society of Naturalists.

Much Longer Bio – More Info About Me than You Ever Wanted to Know

When I was only a child still playing marbles and running along the streets of Rosario, Argentina, my great-grandfather gave me a gift I could never forget. As he lay dying in his bed, he told my mother that I was to have his entire collection of National Geographic magazines dating back a couple of decades. These I spent hours flipping through, fascinated and in awe. It was my first introduction to the great world of science, nature, and science writing.

As I grew older — during my boy scout years living in Provo, Utah — my interest in topics of biology, food, nutrition, and exercise science began to develop further. I’d eventually begin taking biology, health, and other science courses in college, only to realize finally that I wasn’t cut out for lab or field work. What I found, instead, that I was most interested in was in simply gaining an understanding of a variety of scientific disciplines, especially in health and biology, and writing about them. Most of all, I was interested in telling stories about scientists who were making meaningful advances in their fields.

Shedding my aspirations of becoming a scientist myself, I set out to become a science writer who would work with scientists and tell their stories. Once I finished up an associate degree at Utah Valley University, I went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Then, after working a few years as a stock broker, and then as a food and nutrition writer, I decided to head back to school for a master’s of science degree of human nutrition at University of Bridgeport.

I now live in Gilbert, Ariz., (still enjoying the Southwest) and continue to write about science and health. As I write, I think back on my childhood and try to approach every topic with the same curiosity, fascination, and awe that I had when first beginning to read about the world of science and nature.

Contact Information

Contact me at daviddespain -at- gmail -dot- com. You can also circle me on Google+, friend me on Facebook.com/daviddespain, or follow me on Twitter @daviddespain.

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